Kung Fu for Adults

Our school is dedicated to the Shaolin Vu Ba Kung Fu style. This Kung Fu style arose both from the Han Bai branch from Fukien Shaolin and from Vietnamese free fight.

The program entails of :

  • Meditation.
  • Basics techniques.
  • Tao with & without weapon.
  • Special style tao.
  • Tao applications.
  • Self-defense.
  • Acrobatics issued from Kung fu.

Schedules and location of courses.



Kung Fu for KIDS (Traditional Kung fu and modern Wushu Kung fu)

This class welcomes 5 to 12 year old children. This class covers the basics techniques from the traditional Shaolin Vu Ba style, as well as techniques from modern Wushu, easier to grasp for kids. The teaching style mixes fun with rigor and traditional style.

The program entails of :

  • Meditation.
  • Basics techniques.
  • Tao with & without weapon.
  • Basic acrobatics
  • Introduction to Sanda sparring.

Schedule and location and the classes.


Four types of sparring are taught in our school : Sanda, traditional Sanshou, panuntukan and vietnamese free fight. These sparring forms compile kickboxing, throwing and sweeping techniques. Vietnamese free fight differentiates from Sanda and traditional Sanshou by addition of elbow and knee kicks. The teaching of these two forms of boxing also includes the essential English boxing techniques to which are added the Filipino boxing techniques known as panuntukan.

Lion and Dragon dance

The AKSVB offers a class in traditional unicorn/lion and dragon dances. Member introduced to these dances have the opportunity to join the school’s demonstration team called upon during the Asian New Year and events such as weddings, community festivals, carnivals, etc.

See our second site: www.lion-dance.fr

The practice of these disciplines provides the opportunity for internships in South East Asia every two years.

Course times and location.

Lion Dance

We practice the Lion dance of the traditional fukien or futsan style. The danse is performed as binomes, with drum and cymbal percussions.

The program entails of :

  • Basics movements
  • Handling of the Lion head and body
  • Acrobatics and portés
  • Taos.
  • Drum and cymbal percussions

Dragon Dance

Dragon dance involves 9 adults or 5 kids. It requires an important synchronisation work to make the dragon alive. Each dancer handles a long aluminium or bambou stick at the end of which a part of the dragon body is bound to. Drums and cymbals accompany the dance. The trained dancers can join the demonstration team, who participates at different events such as the Chinese new year, weddings, carnavals, community partys…


This class is dedicated to the learning of gym movements useful for floor apprehension, agility development and flexibilty, as well as for self-defense.

Schedule and location of the courses.